THANK YOU NYC. Peep some loosies from our NYC function for the ages. Tattoos, drinks, Texas DJ’s and an all around reunion, this night was one for the books.

“Shout to anybody who listens to the music. It’s crazy to me because honestly, I had like little-to-no self-confidence before music and I feel like If I can do this through people supporting me then everyone can do what they want to do.”

“I grew up with songs that were very long and filled with multiple parts. It never felt disorganized, but there were very specific “acts” that transpired over the span of sometimes fifteen minutes. I learned how to sit in songs and not be ready for them to end in three to four minutes. I like to steep in songs like tea.”

  It’s 2019. By now, if you haven’t heard of Texas rap collective PNTHN, you kind of missed the breakout year, but here’s a quick recap: PNTHN (as in “palace of the gods”) is 8 man pack of rappers and producers from San Marcos, Texas. They dropped two projects last year: A backseat rattling EP, […]

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the sky. On a drive home from work, a sunset as big and wide as Austin musician Malik’s imagination unfolded in front of him. Inspired and awed by the colors painted in the Texas sky, he creates songs dedicated to the different hues that come out at golden hour. Colors […]

Hailing from ATL, Yung Baby Tate caught our attention at SXSW with her fresh vocals and long rainbow tresses. We caught up with her before SESSION TWO and she let us in on her style inspiration, ROY G BIV 2, and the colors of the South. A real-life baby doll, Tate is taking Atlanta by […]

MID SUMMER SESSION was a showcase and gathering in partnership with Black Dot Studios, home of designers and community organizers PrayxPlot and TryAnotherAngle. Featuring performances by local artists Clee and Jeremy Kingg, sounds by our own MUDPIT and guest DJ J Allen, and local-sourced art in Black Dot Studios’ “Destroy White Supremacy Gallery”, MID SUMMER […]

The city of San Antonio hosted a hell of a weekend with the second annual Mala Luna music festival. The sophomore showing took the young festival to its new home at the Nelson Wolff Stadium in the city’s West side, where festival goers were treated to a second stage offering back-to-back performances without overlap for […]

Evident by his empowering debut album Electric Revival: Rise of an Outkast Nation, Dallas native Zach Witness is leading a revolution. This didn’t happen overnight, as music has been core to his being for as long as he can remember. From drumming at eight years old to DJing on Dallas’ notorious hip-hop radio station 97.9 […]

For over a decade, Dallas’ Will Rhoten aka DJ Sober has played a major role in shaping the city’s music scene. The DJ, producer and illustrator is disrupting Dallas culture in the best way, weaving hip-hop and deep Dallas rap to R&B and house into a sure fire dance party wherever he goes – ultimately […]

Atlanta native Andrew Litten is a 23-year old filmmaker whose collaborators and experiences are as impressive as the films he creates. From music videos and tour footage, to more extensive documentaries like his newly released Atlanta from the Ashes, Litten’s portfolio is vast and ever-evolving. We sat down with him in Atlanta’s colorful Fourth Ward […]

Feature //  JENARO GOODE Jenaro Goode doesn’t talk much. When he does, you’re likely to hear him drop a few gems about taste, colors and insight on how to stream Dragonball Z in 2014. We found the young artist at his grandmother’s house moseying through the halls in Ksubi pants, Airmax 95’s and a customized […]