Hailing from ATL, Yung Baby Tate caught our attention at SXSW with her fresh vocals and long rainbow tresses. We caught up with her before SESSION TWO and she let us in on her style inspiration, ROY G BIV 2, and the colors of the South. A real-life baby doll, Tate is taking Atlanta by storm, and we can’t wait to see what kind of waves she makes with her upcoming project.

Christelle: Where are you from?

YBT: I am from Decatur. Decatur, Georgia — Zone 6. A lot of people usually don’t believe I’m from here actually.

Christelle: Don’t worry, I’ll take your word for it. You were in Austin for SXSW, yeah?

YBT: That was my second time — it was great. I went last year and my first experience wasn’t everything I thought it was going to be; but I think that’s how most first experiences go. This time, it was great, honestly. I freakin’ met my half-brother down there — he’s also an artist. I had never met him in my life. So yeah, it was my first time meeting him down in Austin. He had some shows, I had some shows. I was like, “Yo, what the fuck?” (laughs)

Christelle: That’s so amazing. So how did you get into music? Did you always know that it was something you wanted to pursue?

YBT: I’ve always been into music. My mom actually is a singer-songwriter herself. So growing up, I was always exposed to music and I knew from an early age that this was what I wanted to do. When you’re little, people always ask, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Kids [around me always said,], “Oh I wanna be a doctor.” But I always knew I wanted to do music. I’ve been in performing arts through elementary, middle, and high school, so I always knew that singing was what I was gonna do. I’ve been performing my whole life — it’s just what I do.

Christelle: When researching you and your music,  “Ice Cold” stood out to me. I absolutely loved it.

YBT: Yes, yes, yes. That was [from] an EP that I put out for Christmas, it was called XMAS. I just love Christmas music, so I made a Christmas album.

Christelle: Yeah, I put on “Ice Cold” earlier today at the place the MUD squad was staying and everyone was like, “Who is this?!” I was like, “This is Yung Baby Tate!” I had talked about you a lot before, so they were like, “Oh this is her?” They were sleeping on you. I lowkey put them on.

YBT: You gotta wake ‘em up!! (laughs)

Christelle: Okay, so I need to ask you about your style. Do you have someone you look to for inspiration? We were going through your Instagram earlier like, “Can she take me shopping?”

YBT: (Laughs) Um… my inspiration, honestly, just comes from Bratz.

Christelle: Bratz dolls? Wow. I definitely see it! I fuck with the vision. (Laughs)

YBT: I’ve just always loved the Bratz. I loved them more than Barbie growing up. Their style was always like what the fuck, why are you shittin’ on Barbie like this? I just like looking unique; I don’t like to look like anyone else.

Christelle: You wanna look like Tate.

YBT: Yeah, exactly. I look like Tate.

Christelle: We’re all about the South, so I’ve got to ask you what the South means to you.

YBT: To me, the South is home, the South is comforting, the South is warm.

There’s no place like the South. The reason I love going to Austin is because people are so welcoming. Walking down the street, people are like, “Hey, what’s up?” It’s like family, you know? I can’t find that up North. Like, up north is cool but they’re brisk. They’re not tryna talk to you. They’re like, “Yo I don’t know you, B. I’m just tryna hit the train.”

Christelle: Since you’re sort of a rainbow queen, are there any colors that ring “South” to you?

YBT: It’s like an orange, and there are some yellows and some pinks. It’s almost like a sunset — like golden peach.

Christelle: That’s perfect considering we’re in Georgia. Georgia Peach!

YBT: Like, a warm peach pie. A warm peach cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, baby. (Laughs)

Find her @yungbabytate